Thursday, September 15, 2011

Free Post

I agree with some of the points Richard Dawkins brought up in his interview, however where I would begin to disagree with him is his main point on blind faith.  Some of the points he brings up are logical and I would tend to agree with a few of them, such as science offering truth and how schools should be open to teaching aspects of Darwin’s theories of human evolution. I think the teaching of human evolution should continue to be taught in schools, students should be allowed to decide whether or not religion is a myth or not.
Another point of Dawkins that really caught my attention is when he said the path of religion is wasting time and how it should be abolished. I one hundred percent disagree with this point especially because the idea of religion is not wasting time. Religion itself has helped our human race get where it is today. I think the idea of religion will never fall out of existence; it has been and always will be an integral part of everyday life. However, there are many flaws with present day religion, most notably the separation between religion and politics. Keeping these separate is almost impossible no matter where you go. Some form of religion has been instilled within us from birth, and politics had done the same. So naturally it is inevitable for the two to be entirely separate from each other. It is best that we cope with this flaw and deal with it as best we can. 

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