Thursday, November 3, 2011

Science and Religion

Is Bahai a new religion or a  religion of a modern world? Bahai stems from Islam, specifically the Shi’ite sect, but embodies very different views. I find it interesting that Bahai strongly believes in the full equality between the sexes while Islam does not, and women are treated on another level as their male counterpart, yet other aspects such as the holy prophets are similar.
Yes, the Bahai is a relatively new religion in a new world, a way of life that is polar opposite from the world during 622 A.D. when Islam was being formed. In theory, Bahai is a religion that changes with the world; they have a set group of relative and eternal codes and principals. The eternal principals are based off how one should live their life by expressing virtuous themes of honesty and courage. Rather than fundamental codes, Bahai embodies relative codes that in theory change as the world changes along with the transformations in one’s life, such as divorce. From my understanding, in today’s world, it seems that some of the teachings of Islam are outdated and can easily be misinterpreted, resulting in a difference of teachings and beliefs. Islam is purely a religion based on the teachings of the prophet and tells followers how to live life. Bahai is a combination of science and religion, also teaching its followers the principals of how to live. Where Bahai clearly differentiates from its mother religion, Islam, is the scientific and modern approach of religion that touches on the creation and evolution of human beings and the world in which we live. Both religions teach their followers how to live through an individual system of teachings. However, in my opinion, the Bahai seem to be a bit more adaptive to modern culture in an ever evolving world. 


  1. I agree with you I think the scientific approach that touches on evolution is interesting. That is usually something that religions have a tough time explaining, yet the Bahai can easily adapt to it. I think it all connects back to the Bahai being "the updated version" of religion. Since they are such a young religion they have found a way to explain some of these modern dilemmas.

  2. I like how you bring up science here, and it's true the Baha'i are open to science, but where did you learn this? Give me an indication ofmhow you got this impression and what it means for them to include science.