Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Credibility of Religion

Religion can be vigorously disputed and quite often turns into heated debates, not only can taking on this debate be discouraging for people, but quite often can be very repulsive. Because the topic is very touchy, there have become countless definitions of what the Ideology of religion is. From what I have seen, most definitions have hints of bias within them. From the definitions I have seen, most are not concise. We need to agree on a definition that encumbers moral code, human affairs, meaning, god or gods, existence and other key elements of religion. I think people are afraid to tackle this subject because of its political background and other touchy subjects such as war, ridicule and harsh criticism. People are often cynical by religion because of the hatred and violence committed in its name and can often be attributed by the conflicts and offenses that have occurred as a result of religion. Over countless wars and violence since the dawn of religion, religion and its teachings seemed to have lost a fair portion of their credibility. Just about every war has stemmed from religion in one way or another. In no way am I hinting that religion should be abolished, like Richard Dawkins, but I think a more concise definition that includes a broader array of elements that all religions share would break some of the religious tensions we see today. I am not saying this is possible, but religion is a necessity for our daily lives and it fundamentally affects everyone. The existence of religion is existential in our lives and preserves ethics and personal meaning, which is fundamental in life. 


  1. I definitely agree that religions have lost their credibility because of all the war and violence that surrounds religion today and has surrounded religion in the past. I would say that one of the most off putting aspects of religion, to me at least, is that there is no one religion that doesn't put down or hate on another religion. But maybe the effort should not be to find a better, broader definition of religion, but instead change the hateful nature that many religions have against others.

  2. Since you're talking about definitions of religion I'd like to see you cite one and talk about how it works or doesn't work. Is the problem really about a lack of a good definition? And I'm not quite sure most wars have stemmed from religion..